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McIntosh MX 115 Tuner Preamplifier MX115

Up for sale is this ULTRA RARE McIntosh MX 115 Tuner-Preamplifier! McIntosh is one of the most highly regarded high-end audio equipment manufacturers. Built in the USA, this equipment is classic McIntosh -- solidly built, top quality components and superb craftsmanship with the distinctive back-lit glass front panels, walnut cabinets and Panloc custom mounting system. Comes with original instruction and service manuals. Single owner in EXCELLENT condition!!! Purchased in 1972! Just part of a HUGE VINTAGE McIntosh collection being auctioned THIS WEEK!!! Here are the specs...


Inputs: Tape, Aux, Phono1, Phono2

Outputs: Main, Tape

Size: 5-7/16” H, 16” W, 13” D

Weight: 25 lbs

Pre-amp Section:

Response 20-20kHz (+0.5 -0.5db)

Distortion 0.1%

Input sensitivity and impedence : aux 0.25V at 250k, phono 2.0mV at 47k.

Output: Main 2.5V (10V max), tape 0.25V, L+R 2.0V

Voltage gain: 20db aux, 62db phono

Hum and noise: aux -85db, phono 70db below 10mV input.

Tone controls: bass +16 to -18db, treble +20 to -20db.

LF filter 50Hz at 6db/octave, HF filter 5kHz at 6db/octave.

Phase switch: 0 or 180

FM section:

Sensitivity 2.5 uV

Distortion 0.7% in stereo

Response 20-15kHz (+1.0 -1.0db)

S/N 70db

Capture ratio 1.5db

Spurious rejection 90db

Image rejection 95db

Selectivity adjacent channel 15db IHF, alternate channel 88db IHF.

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