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100 Piece PREWAR Lionel Train Sets 2 Engines 9 Cars

Up for your consideration is this ULTRA RARE 100 Piece PREWAR Lionel Train Set! This vintage PREWAR set is IMPOSSIBLE to find with and includes several original boxes, instructions, catalog, and much more! Single owner!!!

This set features the following...

Lionel Whistle Reverse Switch
Lionel Uncouple Unload Switch
Lionel 48w Whistle Station
Lionel 2224W Diecast Tender
Lionel N.Y.C. 1682 Caboose
Lionel 1679 Baby Ruth Boxcar
Lionel 6462 NYC Gondola Car
Lionel 1680 S.U.N.X. Sunoco Tank Car
Lionel 6419 D.L.&W. Caboose With Original Box
Lionel 3652 Gondola Car
Lionel 6465 Two Dome Tank Car Sunoco With Original Box
Lionel 1684 Locomotive Engine
Lionel 154 Rail Road Crossing
Lionel 224e Locomotive Engine
Lionel 1689t Tender
Red Tower (not sure if this is Lionel there are no markings on it)
Lionel 152 Automatic Crossing Gate
Lionel 46 Automatic Crossing Gate
Lionel Type R Trainmaster Transformer 100 Watt
American Flyer Model#5b Miles Per Hour
Lionel 26 Illuminated Bumper with orginal box
Lionel 6019 Remote Control Track With Original Box
(2) Lionel Remote Switches
Dolly Not Sure If This Is Lionel
Item In White Box (I have no clue what this is)
(30) Straight Tracks
(32) Curved Tracks
(1) 4 Way Track
(2) Lionel 1121 Switches
(2) Lionel 7 Switches
(1) Short Track
(1) Lionel 1019-2 Track For Remote Control
Instruction Books
Lionel Train Layout Planning Box For Pop

As you can see in the pictures this rare find is in very good condition for its extreme age with only some minor signs of wear, would make a fantastic addition to any Lionel collection! This set has been in storage literally for 40+ years, was working when it was put into storage, but it has not been tested, therefore we are selling it as is. Dust is free of charge!

If you would like to buy this 100 Piece Lionel Train Lot please visit our Ebay Store!

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