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Radio Shack Citizen Band Transceiver TRC-225 Walkie Talkie

 Up for sale is this Radio Shack Citizen Band Transceiver TRC-225 Walkie Talkie! Tested and working! Comes with screw on antenna! Here are the features...

The Radio Shack TRC-225 5-Watt, 40-Channel Walkie-Talkie is a portable, easy-to-use, two way radio you can carry almost anywhere. It will give you reliable communications in many different applications.

You can use the transceiver around the house, in your office, car or boat, or anywhere on the go. It is useful on fishing and camping trips, or in your business for security patrols, for supervisors, or warehouse personnel.

Its features include:

Automatic Modulation Limiter - Prevents over-modulation to ensure a clear sound.

Automatic Noise Limiter - Reduces noise caused by nearby electrical equipment such as motors or automotive ignition systems.

Transmit Power Selection - Lets you adjust the output power to save battery power during short-range transmissions.

Power-Saver Display - Saves battery power by dimming the display after showing the selected channel.

BATT (Battery Low) Indicator - Shows when it is time to replace or recharge the batteries.

TX (Transmit) Indicator - Indicates when the transceiver is transmitting.

If you would like to buy this Radio Shack Walkie Talkie Model TRC-225 for $32.75 with FREE SHIPPING inside The United States just click the blue Buy Now button below...

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