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Nintendo 64 Video Game System

 Up for sale is this Nintendo 64 Video Game System With Cords! This system is one of Nintendo's most popular models! Tested and working!

The Nintendo 64 is the system of choice for players who want to get "in" on the most fun in video games. The Nintendo 64 provides 64-bit graphics and CD-quality sound. Microcode-custom CPU control instructions are optimized for audio, lighting, graphic details and other ultra-realistic affects. Trilinear map interpolation subtly blends colors and patterns of texture maps to make objects more realistic, even as they move closer to you. With real-time rendering and awesome graphics, which smoothes out jagged edges, the N64 immerses you in a heart-pounding video game world! Attain new levels of accuracy and play control with the ergonomically designed Controller that gives you complete control over every move through 360 degrees. Optional accessories like the N64 Controller Pak and Rumble Pak expand your game-play possibilities!

The Nintendo 64 game library now includes over 200 titles in all game genres, from action and adventure to RPG and puzzle. The Nintendo 64 is the only system where you can play such blockbuster games as Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Perfect Dark.

If you would like to buy this Nintendo 64 Video Game System for $199 with FREE shipping inside The United States just click the blue buy now button below...

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