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Super Smash Brothers Video Game Nintendo 64 Bros.

Up for sale is this classic Super Smash Brothers Video Game for the Nintendo 64! Tested and working!  Just part of a HUGE quantity of vintage video games currently being liquidated!

All of your favorite Nintendo characters have come together to answer the question: who is king of the Nintendo hill? The format can aptly be described as Super Mario Kart meets Mortal Kombat, which makes for an odd, yet addictive game. The object is to throw, punch, smash, or blast your opponents off the edge of the beautifully rendered, themed arenas. Numerous power-ups, weapons, and surprises help or hinder the melee. Your eventual goal is to fight your way through to a bizarre final boss character. Victory in this battle rewards you with another character to play, such as the scene-stealing Pokémon, Jigglypuff.

If you would like to buy this Super Smash Bros. video game for the Nintendo 64 for $50 with FREE shipping inside The United States just click the blue buy now button below...

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