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Phantasy Star III For The Sega Genesis

 Up for sale is this Classic Phantasy Star 3 Video Game For Sega Genesis! Tested and working!

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom, released for the Mega Drive in 1990 and on the Genesis in 1991 was a departure from the norms of the series in that it mostly took place in a medieval fantasy setting, in contrast to the science-fiction settings of previous games. The game revolves around two factions, the Orakians and the Layans, who have been engaged in bitter conflict since their founders disappeared without explanation 1,000 years earlier. Unique to Phantasy Star III was a storyline that spanned three generations, starting with Rhys, an Orakian, and continues through two more generations, which ultimately mixes with the Layans. At the end of each generation, the player determines the next main character by choosing which of the women encountered during the adventure the characters will marry. The conflict between Orakians and Layans continues regardless of these choices, until ultimately it is revealed to be a mere consequence of a much greater struggle that connects to the two previous games.

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