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Mario Golf Video Game For The Nintendo 64

The next item up for sale from Internet Superstores is this classic Mario Golf Video Game for the Nintendo 64! Tested and working! Just part of a HUGE quantity of vintage video games being liquidated!

Nintendo's much-loved Mario hits the fairways with super-bright graphics and a sense of fun in MARIO GOLF 64. This game gives you the features that will keep you and your friends hooked. View the course from different angles with excellent renderings and audio effects. You will get a real feel for wind conditions, slope, and the velocity of your shots. You can unlock different characters, all with their own statistics and tendencies. And check out the different game modes and options like Match Game, Skins Match, Club Slots, and even Mini Golf, which will help you improve your short shots. Or you can test your precision and ability to sink shots with Speed Golf and Stroke. Variable weather conditions, surprising sound and visual effects, and control over lining up your shots make this a very enjoyable game.

If you would like to buy this Mario Golf video game for the Nintendo 64 for just $23 with FREE shipping just click the blue buy now button below! 

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