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Buck Bumble Video Game For The Nintendo 64

Up for sale is this classic Buck Bumble Video Game for the Nintendo 64! Tested and working!

Millions of England's insects have skipped a few generations in the evolution process, thanks in part to a chemical spill that affected the nearby land. Now it's the year 2010 and these insects are unusually aggressive, which wouldn't be cause for concern if they hadn't already developed lethal weapons!

This chemically-enhanced group is known as the Evil Herd, and they plan on taking over the rest of the insect world as quickly as possible. In fact, they have already begun the quest for domination -- destroying teems of insects in the process. Is there no hope? Are innocent insects destined to be murdered by the Evil Herd?

Fear not loyal readers, an intelligent group of insects has come up with a plan that just might work: Project BUCK. One bee (Buck Bumble) will undergo genetic enhancement and train in the most advanced military technology the world has ever known. It is hoped that this lone bee can put the "sting" on the legions of robotic insectoids and save the insect population from certain doom.

Buck Bumble is a 3D shooter that has you controlling a blue and yellow striped bee in your quest to rid the land of cybernetic insects. The seven types of foes you'll confront include the following: acid-spitting Ants, Giz Beetles (complete with rapid-fire acid cannons), Transporter insects, Craneflies (flies carrying explosives), Dragonflies, Wasp MK1 Units and the dreaded "Killapillas."

Players will be briefed by Commander B. Bubbins (of the 8th Infantry) before embarking on each of the 19 levels in the game. While mission objectives may vary, all involve flying through the air and shooting the minions of the Evil Herd. Buck automatically begins the game with a standard wrist shooter, but nine more weapons can be acquired as he navigates the outdoor environments, including cluster bombs, guided missiles and a fusion cannon!

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