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Beetle Adventure Racing Video Game For Nintendo 64

 Up for sale is this Beetle Adventure Racing Video Game For Nintendo 64! Tested and working!

Beetle Adventure Racing takes the exploration and no-holds-barred level design from games like Banjo-Kazooie and mixes everything with the true-life physics and super-fast racing action. Imagine it like being able to jump into your own car and race through Disney World -- without having to pay if anything breaks.


* Fully licensed Volkswagen Beetle "2.0" models, ranging from regular street types to lowriders and rally bugs.
* Six huge tracks, taking more than four minutes to drive from one end to the other.
* Animated roadside features, such as mills, waterfalls, and even a dragon.
* Four-point suspension system.
* Nine multiplayer tracks.
* Specular highlighting and particle effects.
* Two-player split-screen race mode.
* Four-player battle mode.
* Need for Speed style tachometer.

If you would like to buy this Beetle Adventure Racing video game for the Nintendo 64 for just $21.99 click the blue buy now button below!

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