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Automatic Fax Switch DUOFONE AFX-200 43-1243

Your DUoFONE AFX-200 Fax Switch lets you use your telephone, an answering machine, and a fax machine all on the same telephone line, eliminating the need and extra expense of two phone lines. When a call comes in, you can answer it personally or let your answering machine answer the call. If the fax switch hears tones from a fax machine, it directs the call to your fax machine. If the call is a regular voice call, you can carry on a normal conversation, or the answering machine records the caller's message as usual.

You can also use the fax switch with a computer modem to switch modem calls to your computer and fax calls to your fax machine.

You can have your fax switch immediately route fax calls to your fax machine if your subscribe to a special telephone company service called distinctive ringing. With this service, you have a second telephone number assigned to your single telephone line. When a call comes in on that number, the telephone rings with a special double ring.

Note: Distinctive ringing is not available in all areas. Check with your telephone company's business office for availability and details.

Your fax switch is easy to install. It connects to existing telephone jacks and requires no special wiring. it also is compatible with most single- and multi-line non-KSU (key system unit) telephones, and it works with most telephone answering machines and modems.

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